For Week of Tishah B’Av, NYC Issues Heat Advisory


As Tishah B’Av approaches, a heat advisory was issued for this entire week in New York City, placing the longest fast day of the year in a week where sweltering temperatures could feel like over 100 degrees.

The National Weather Service’s advisory begins Sunday and lasts through Thursday. Tishah B’Av starts Monday evening through Tuesday evening.

Meteorologists say that the heat index — what it actually feels like outside — is expected to be at or above 95 degrees for the beginning of the week. By Wednesday and Thursday, the heat index could reach 100 degrees.

Experts say it is more important for people fasting to drink water over an extended period before the fast than to gulp the liquid in the hours before. They advise avoiding caffeinated beverages which absorb the body’s moisture on the day prior to fasting.