Zev Aryeh Glick, z”l

As we went to print, we learned Zev Aryeh Glick, 22 months old, was niftar Tuesday afternoon, three days after he was pulled from the pool at the Cold Spring bungalow colony in Monticello.

Glick, who together with his 3-year-old brother made their way through the fence surrounding the pool during Shacharis on Shabbos morning, is the son of Rabbi Zalman Glick, director of the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights, and Mrs. Nechama Glick.

When Zev Aryeh fell into the water, his brother’s screams brought people running. Zev Aryeh was brought out and Catskills Hatzolah worked on him. He was later transferred to Westchester Medical Center and the name Chaim was added.

Yehi zichro baruch.