Chaim Deutsch Calls for Expanding Youth Corps


Chaim Deutsch, chief of staff to Councilman Mike Nelson and a candidate to replace him, called Monday on the city council to add more slots to a popular youth employment program that has filled already.

Deutsch said that his work as founder of Flatbush Shomrim brings him into contact with youths who get into trouble, and invariably the reason is that they have nothing to do. A program such as New York City’s Summer Youth Employment Program would give them an incentive to work, he told Hamodia.

The program known colloquially as Youth Corps, “is a good thing, but only for the children who were lucky enough to win the job lottery,” Deutsch said.

The program’s 8,000 slots have already been filled, and Deutsch wants more money added to it. The councilman chairing the Youth committee who would hold hearings on this is Lew Fidler, a Brooklyn Democrat.

The Summer Youth Employment Program provides summer jobs in a wide variety of fields including law firms, government agencies and museums.

“A child who has a summer job returns to school in the fall ready to learn,” Deutsch said. “They have been effortlessly practicing their reading, math and other skills in the workplace. They have a head start on learning in the new semester.”