EU Slammed on Labeling Policies


The European Jewish Congress took the European Union to task on Wednesday for its move toward labeling products from Yehuda and Shomron versus its inability to label Hizbullah as a terrorist organization, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The EJC’s Dr. Moshe Kantor sent a letter to the leaders of all of the EU states criticizing the organization for what he called its “discriminatory policy.”

The EU, he said, seemed to be “singling out one disputed territory of the world for special treatment” while ignoring other disputed territories.

“While the European Union’s oft-stated goal is to achieve peace and security in the Middle East, these words will remain hollow if an organization with a proven and indisputable record of murder and terrorism in Europe and around the world, and whose goal is to destroy Israel, is allowed to act freely, recruit and raise funds unimpeded on the European continent,” Kantor wrote.

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