Russian Cyber Security Firm Opens Office in Israel


A leading Russian anti-virus software manufacturer has announced its plans to open a branch in Israel, Ynet reported on Thursday.

The high-tech outfit, Kaspersky Lab plans to open its first office in Israel because of its abundance of talent in the field.

“For an oil company it would be a very good idea to have an office in Siberia or Russia. Being a cyber security company, it’s a very good idea to have an office in Israel,” the company’s CEO and co-founder Eugene Kaspersky explained.

Kaspersky added that the company was also on the lookout for Israeli experts to join his global team of experts.

“It’s very difficult to find these guys because they are like chess champions … and there are so many clever people in Israel,” Kaspersky told journalists at a Tel Aviv University cyber security conference.

The Moscow-based company makes one of the top-selling anti-virus programs in the United States, but with the decline of global sales of personal computers demand has slowed.

In May, the company said it planned to open its first office in Washington to spearhead sales to the U.S. government, in a bid to offset slowing demand for its consumer programs.