Two Jews Barely Escape Lynch Mob


Two Jewish men barely escaped being victims of an Arab lynch mob on Wednesday in the eastern Yerushalayim neighborhood of Beit Orot, The Jerusalem Post reported.

B’chasdei Shamayim, they managed to flee their assailants, suffering only minor injuries, but not before their car windows were shattered by rocks and they’d been surrounded by their attackers.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the attack occured in the morning, as the men, both in their 20s and local residents themselves, were driving to work.

“A group of Arab-Israelis began throwing rocks at their car, shattered all the windows and then surrounded it, threatening both [victims] with grievous harm,” he said Wednesday afternoon. “The victims stopped the car to notify police, then fled for safety.”

One of the victims described the traumatic experience: “When was the last time your legs trembled in fear?

“When did you last stay awake all night, afraid someone would burn your house down? When was the last time you saw dozens of people who wanted to murder you? When was the last time you saw a police officer running away in fear, leaving you alone? When were you last almost lynched?”

Rosenfeld denied that any police ran from the scene, saying instead that Yerushalayim Police, Border Police and private security guards arrived within 10 minutes of their call for help.

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