Terrorist Indicted for Murder of Evyatar Borovsky, Hy”d


A military court in the Shomron on Wednesday indicted Palestinian Salam Zagal for the stabbing murder of Evyatar Borovsky, Hy”d, at the Tapuah Junction in late April, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Borovsky, a resident of Yitzhar, left behind a wife and five children.

Zagal, from the village of Shuka, near Tul Karm, had been released only seven months ago from a jail sentence for rock-throwing. Zagal’s brother is serving a sentence in a Palestinian Authority prison for allegedly collaborating with Israel, and it is suspected that Zagal stabbed Borovsky in order to return “honor” to the family name.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will not accede to the request of several U.S. congressmen to discipline a Fatah official who praised Zagal, according to the Palestinian Ma’an news agency on Wednesday.

The congressmen urged Abbas to dismiss the official, Sultan Abu al-Einein, from the government after saying “We salute the heroic fighter, the self-sacrificing Salam Al-Zagal.”

Al-Einein reportedly serves as Abbas’ adviser on civil society organizations.