NYC Council Set to Approve Muni Meter Reforms


The City Council is expected to approve legislation on Wednesday to further reform the Muni Meter parking system across the five boroughs.

This legislation, sponsored by Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), requires the Department of Transportation to reprogram its Muni Meters so that drivers can pay for parking up to one hour before the regulation begins and to prevent the machine from accepting money when it is out of receipt paper or after the parking regulation has ended for the day.

The bill was unanimously approved at Tuesday’s transportation committee hearing. It was introduced in the City Council last month and has the support of Speaker Christine Quinn, Transportation Chair James Vacca, and 20 other council members.

Greenfield said that the bill is the direct result of complaints.

“I’m proud to lead the fight in New York to end gotcha parking tickets,” he said. “…This important legislation will help eliminate unfair tickets and represents an important step towards fixing our parking system.”

Meters in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island can immediately be reprogrammed once the law takes effect, 90 days after passage. Some older meters which do not have the ability to be immediately reprogrammed, are required to meet the new standards within two years .