Bikur Cholim Takes Turn for Better


Yerushalayim’s Bikur Cholim Hospital, which has been threatened with closure in recent months due to a financial morass, is showing signs that it might survive after all.

After a visit to the capital’s only downtown hospital, Health Ministry director-general Ronni Gamzu told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that Shaare Tzedek Medical Center, which recently took over administration of Bikur Cholim, is doing an “impressive” job.

Furthermore, he said, “As long as I am director-general, I will not allow the Bikur Cholim campus to close. There is a need for it.

“I visited the hospital six months after my last visit, when there was a serious danger of its closure and all the staffers were being dismissed,” Gamzu said. “It is now four and a half months since we chose Shaare Zedek to take it over and run it, and I saw a stable institution that is being run in an impressive manner. There are better medical standards than before.”

The emergency room, which is being run by the private chain of TEREM urgent-care clinics, has twice as many people coming in for help, Gamzu said.

“A new CT scan is being installed, and we intend next month to present Shaare Zedek with a new license to run the two campuses as one unit. I visited the neonatal intensive care unit, and it’s much better than before. There are 6,000 annual deliveries, just as before,” the director-general said.