Palestinians Riot, Shavuos Tefillos at Kosel Undisturbed


Thousands of Jews participated in tefillos at the Kosel on Shavuos on the same day Palestinians rioted at Damascus Gate in Yerushalayim and elsewhere in the country, marking Nakba (“Catastrophe”) Day, when the state of Israel was established 65 years ago.

Throngs of mispallelim converged on the Kosel at dawn from all over the capital while accompanied by a heavy police presence. The tefillos, including hundreds in the Birkas Kohanim, proceeeded without incident.

On Derech Shechem, a Jew was attacked by an Arab and sustained light wounds. Six Arab youth assaulted Jews on their way to the Kosel. Four soldiers and six police officers were lightly injured in clashes across the country, Ynet reported.