Protest Marches Against Lapid, Shalom


A protest march against Finance Minister Yair Lapid’s austerity budget took place in northern Tel Aviv on Thursday.

The march, held near Lapid’s home in Ramat Aviv, was held under the banner “Take From the Tycoons, Not Us!” Protesters called on the public to join a mass demonstration on Motzoei Shabbos in Tel Aviv. Daphne Leef, one of the organizers of the 2011 social protest marches, is again taking a leading role in the protests.

Leef argued, “Instead of a murderous budget that will raise VAT and income tax, which comes out of the pockets of workers, housewives and the elderly, people want a stop to the festival of giveaways to the tycoons.”

A demonstration was also scheduled for Motzoei Shabbos opposite the home of Minister of Energy and Water Silvan Shalom in Ramat Gan, to express opposition to the export of natural gas.