Sandy Rebuilding Poses Mosquito Risk


Rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy raises the risk of more mosquitoes in New Jersey.

The state Health Department says the storm has left behind piles of wet debris and depressions from fallen trees. Mosquitoes breed in standing water.

Health officials say it’s important to empty water from flower pots, birdbaths and swimming pool covers, and to remove discarded tires.

In a novel mosquito prevention technique, the Westchester County Health Department said they are giving away fish that eat mosquitoes. Health workers are distributing fathead minnows on Friday and Saturday for use in ornamental ponds.

The department says the mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus like to breed in standing water. And the minnows like to eat mosquito larvae and pupae.

Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler says the fish have been effective in county parks.