New Pozna Shul Opens In Midwood

Harav Avrohom Eisen (JDN)
Harav Avrohom Eisen (JDN)

The Pozna shul announced its opening on Avenue M, between Ocean Avenue and East 21 Street, led by the Mara d’Asra, Harav Avrohom Eisen, shlita, who has a well-deserved Torah reputation on many levels.

Rav Eisen was a former member of Kollel Shas Yidden in Beit Shemesh, where each yungerman completes eight blatt a day and the entire Shas in a year, with monthly exams on 225 blatt.

The Rav comes from a well-known family of Rabbanim and Dayanim. His father is Harav Yaakov Eisen of Montreal; in Yerushalayim, the Eisen name is linked to the Yishuv where his grandfather, Harav Shalom Eisen, zt”l, was a well-known, respected posek and talmid chacham.