Christie Crushes Rival With $6.2M Haul

TRENTON, N.J. (Hamodia) -

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie raised nearly $6.2 million for his reelection bid, his campaign announced Monday.

The vast majority of the first-term governor’s haul through May 3, Politico reported, came from small donations from 14,260 individual donors, mostly from New Jersey.

Christie’s campaign has $3.4 million on hand, even after a massive $1.2 million ad buy across the state last week.

Christie’s Democratic opponent, state Sen. Barbara Buono, is behind in the polls 58 to 26 percent, and her fundraising numbers show it. She has raised $738,000 as of April 30, and has received $1.02 million in matching funds from the state.

But if Buono’s current fundraising trend continues, she will not qualify for the maximum matching funds in the primary. Christie, who accepted public funds in 2009, turned down matching funds for the primary this time. He hasn’t said whether he’ll accept them for the general election.