United Front Sought Against Iran


Israel has reportedly been working toward a cooperative agreement with Turkey and three Arab states to form a system of detection technologies to defend against Iranian ballistic missiles, British newspaper The Sunday Times reported.

The initiative, called “4+1,” is said to join Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan in efforts to share access to radar and anti-missile technologies.

According to the report, Israeli technicians would have access to data from radar in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates in return for allowing their experts to utilize Israel’s antimissile and advanced radar defense systems.

The plan, brokered by the United States, aims to build a “moderate crescent” in the region in contrast to the “fundamentalist crescent” of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hizbullah, the report said.

Israel views “4+1” as an ambitious plan presented by Washington, with “the Americans … working on a regional alliance to deter and contain Tehran,” the Times reported an Israeli official as saying.