Suspicious Backpack in Lakewood Yields Bird in Coconut


Police responding to an unattended bag Wednesday afternoon couldn’t believe their eyes. It contained half a coconut with a live bird inside.

Lakewood police closed off Clifton Avenue between Main and First streets and sent in a bomb-sniffing dog.

“There was a heightened state of awareness because it was in close proximity to the post office,” Lt. Robert Smith said. “But it turned out to be a pleasant surprise in this case.”

Sgt. Maureen McGilloway says the bird appears to be a young mourning dove that was too immature to fly. She says she’ll care for the bird at her home until it can be released into the wild.

“It’s very, very young and can’t fend for itself,” she said. “It was a surprise ending. Any time we can wrap something up like this, it’s a good day.”