Palmer Murderer Sentenced to Life


A Palestinian terrorist was sentenced to a double life sentence and an additional 58 years for killing Asher Palmer, 25, and his infant son, Yonatan, with a rock he threw at their vehicle in September 2011, The Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday.

An Israeli military court handed down the sentence on Waal al-Arjeh, which found that Arjeh had intentionally caused the deaths. The stone, hurled from a moving taxi at Palmer’s vehicle, shattered the windshield and caused the car to overturn.

The Palmer family’s lawyer Adrian Agassi noted that the court set a legal precedent. “It is the first time that a military court has handed a verdict of murder for rock-throwing,” said Agassi, who was a military judge for 10 years before entering private practice. “I cannot remember a verdict like this.”

Agassi said he plans to ask the court for 10 million shekels in compensation at a future hearing.

He predicted that Arjeh would appeal the verdict. “But I do not see that this ruling will be overturned.”

“This is not just a personal win for Palmer’s family,” Agassi said, since severe punishments like this will serve as a deterrent for others.

“This was nothing less than terrorism and we have to fight back with every legal method we can,” he said.