Eyewitness Speaks

Rabbi Yosef Yitzhok Zaklos, the shaliach of Chabad of downtown Boston, had gone to the Boston Marathon to put tefillin on Jewish spectators.

“I was standing about a half block away from finish line, asking people if they were Jewish and if they would like to don tefillin, when suddenly there was a huge explosion at the finish line,” Zaklos told Hamodia on Monday.

“People were totally lost and shell-shocked. They started to run in the opposite direction of the blast and then 20 seconds later a second explosion took place at the other end of the block. I actually saw the fire and the smoke.”

After the second explosion ,pandemonium gripped the area.

“People started jumping over gates and rushing into some of the numerous restaurants and bars that line this street,” Zaklos said.

“Everyone thinks terrorism especially when you have back-to-back explosions. Post 9/11, that is the knee-jerk reaction.”