Boston Marathon Bombing Recalls Intifada


The horrible injuries caused by nails and metal pellets in the bombing at the Boston Marathon this week recalled similar tactics used by Palestinian terrorists in Israel during the intifada.

However, it would be premature to make comparisons, cautioned Hamodia’s military  correspondent A. Pe’er.

“In Israel, we are talking about an uprising of known people who seek to gain control here. Whereas in Boston, it was a one-time incident, and not at all clear up to this time who perpetrated it or for what reason.

“The security forces in the U.S. are investigating all possibilities, avenues, including the criminal or deranged. Therefore, [there] is [presently] no basis for comparison between what happened in Boston and the intifada.

“Even if it should emerge that this was a terrorist act, it should be remembered that the intifada extended over months and years, versus the attack in Boston which was on a much smaller scale,” he said.

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