Taxing the Driver, Not the Car


The Israeli government is considering a new automotive tax system based on driver’s travel patterns to replace the current system which imposes a uniform tax on new cars and fuel, Globes reported on Tuesday.

The Ministries have initiated a two-year test program, Going Green, in which several hundred participants will be offered cash incentives for each trip not taken. Each car will be outfitted with a meter to monitor driving patterns. A transportation planning source acknowledged that the project proceeds under a question mark:

“Without a full solution to the privacy problem, we cannot even think about implementing the new tax method. We want a system which will not notify Big Brother about where a vehicle is located, but in which the device will make the calculations, and allow the car owner to delete data after use.”

He said, however, that cutting edge software exists which could, theoretically, be adapted for the purpose. The tender is expected within two months.

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