Finance Ministry Blamed for Health System Financial Crisis


A senior health official blamed the Finance Ministry for Israel’s underfunded health care system, The Jerusalem Post reported on Wednesday.

Israelis pay 7.2 billion shekels annually in health taxes, but the Finance Ministry sees fit to allocate only 470 million shekels for medical care. Therefore, it is responsible for the current financial crisis in the health system, alleged Eli Dapas, director-general of Israel’s largest health fund, Clalit Health Services.

Dapas argued that the Ministry should earmark “at least NIS 3B” to address the shortfall in funds for health services. It’s not fair for the public to continue bearing the burden of these costs, he said, adding that the income of the four public health funds has declined some NIS 375M over the past year due to rising costs and lack of government compensation.

Dapas acknowledged that the wage agreement reached between the Treasury and the Israel Medical Association a year and a half ago has led to some improvement in the situation. More young doctors are willing to work in the periphery in exchange for incentives, and hospital residents are doing less late-night and weekend duty each month, which benefits both them and the patients.

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