Charges Upgraded in Tragic Crash That Claimed Three Lives

NEW YORK (AP/Hamodia) -

Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes on Tuesday announced that charges in the indictment of Julio Acevedo, 44, have been increased to manslaughter in the second degree and criminally negligent homicide for the deaths of Reb Nachman and Mrs. Raizy Glauber and their infant son, z”l.

According to the law, a person is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree when he recklessly causes the death of another person. Acevedo could face up to life in prison if convicted.

“While we knew it was a snowy evening and the defendant was speeding, our investigation has developed additional information concerning the nature of Mr. Acevedo’s conduct leading up to the fatal crash,” said Hynes.

The investigation has so far revealed that Acevedo was traveling 69.1 miles per hour. Witnesses described Acevedo as speeding and passing cars recklessly immediately prior to the crash. Acevedo’s car rounded a curve at a high speed and right away slammed into the car carrying the victims. After the crash Acevedo exited his car, observed the scene, and fled, the investigation noted.

The defendant was arrested on March 7 in Bethlehem, Pa. His lawyer says it was a tragic accident and not a crime.

Legislation has passed the State Senate that would increase penalties for drivers who leave the scene of an accident. The bill remains stalled in the Assembly.