Cuomo Polls Slip to Lowest Ever


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s favorability rating is continuing a slide to its lowest level but he is still one of the most popular governors nationwide, accoridn gto a Siena College released on Monday.

The Cuomo gun control measure the Legislature passed in January doesn’t seem to be the cause, since the drop is across the board, including among Democrats and independents.

The poll found Cuomo’s favorability rating was 64 percent, down from 67 percent last month and 72 percent in December. Fifty-four percent of New Yorkers felt Cuomo was doing an excellent or good job, down from 58 percent last month and 60 percent in January.

Cuomo hit his all-time high rating in the February 2011 Siena survey with a stunning 77 percent. Now, registered voters are divided if Cuomo makes decisions based on what’s best for the state or what is best for his own political future.

The most surprising part of the poll affected President Barack Obama, whose favorability ratings in deep-blue New York plunged ten points from 66 percent last month.

Cuomo is popular even among Republicans, even bouncing back from the divisive immorality law he championed in June 2011 and the gun control law he muscled through in January.

More than six in 10 voters back the gun regulations, with opposition rising in upstate cities but easing among Republicans.

“Although the gun law has certainly created a stir across the state, particularly upstate, the majority of voters are with the governor on guns. And they are strongly with him on a number of other prominent issues,” Siena’s Steve Greenberg said.