First Lady Announces Effort to Help Kids Exercise


Imagine students learning their ABCs while dancing, or memorizing multiplication tables while doing jumping jacks.

Some schools are using both methods of instruction, and Michelle Obama would like to see more of them use other creative ways to help students get the recommended hour of daily exercise.

In Chicago Thursday, the first lady announced a new public-private partnership to help schools do just that. “Let’s Move Active Schools” starts with a website where school officials and others can sign up.

Mrs. Obama said too many schools have either cut spending on physical education or eliminated it to put the money toward classroom instruction. But the first lady, who starts most days with a workout, say that’s an erroneous choice since studies show that exercise helps youngsters focus and do well in school.

The effort is one of the newest parts of Mrs. Obama’s three-year-old campaign against childhood obesity, known as “Let’s Move,” which she has spent the week promoting.