Netanyahu Cancels Pistachio Ice Cream Order


Israelis were outraged by the news at the end of last week that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had requested — and received — a 10,000-shekel budget for pistachio and French vanilla ice cream from an upscale gelateria near the prime minister’s residence.

However, Netanyahu’s desire for quiet coalition-building appeared to overcome his appetite for ice cream, and a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday said the budget was a “framework” for the upcoming year and did not represent money already allocated.

Netanyahu has cancelled the request, calling it “extraneous,” the PMO said.

Netanyahu’s favorite dessert purveyor, Metudela, is benefiting from the publicity despite the PMO cancellation.

Amid a surge of popularity, they’ve re-named the pistachio ice cream “Bibi pistachio.”

The store, with branches in Yerushalayim’s Rechaviah and Beit Hakerem neighborhoods, says customers are streaming in from as far away as Tel Aviv and Rechovot, and they’re tripling production.