Weapons Stash Uncovered In Galil School


A stash of anti-tank missiles and rocket-propelled grenades were discovered in a school in the Galil village of Abu Sanaan during a raid by police Tuesday morning, according to media reports.

The weapons, recently stolen from IDF depots, included three LAW missiles and four RPGs. They were found in a drainage canal and a small pond on school grounds, along with explosives, grenades, and hundreds of assault rifle bullets.

Commander Michael Shifshak, head of the Northern Branch of the YAMAR investigative unit, told The Jerusalem Post that the weapons seized were somewhat out of the ordinary, but added that two weeks ago at a village not far away, police seized over 50 grenades and several AK47 assault rifles.

The school and kindergarten for special- needs children serves a village of mixed Druse and Muslim Arabs.

Police have not yet ascertained to whom the guns belong or who stole them.

Shifshak said that the raid was launched soon after the IDF reported the weapons stolen, and that through cooperation with the army they were able to locate them.

He explained that the weapons were intended for criminal use, and could easily have been sold in Israel. A single LAW missile fetches around 70,000 shekels on the black market, and an assault rifle about 50.

Shifshak said police “have placed a major emphasis on fighting the arms trade in the Arab sector, which poses a major threat to daily life.”