Statue of Liberty Still Closed Three Months After Sandy


The Department of Interior (DOI) should release a timeline of when repairs will be made to the Statue of Liberty, including an estimated re-opening date, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) said on Monday. The national monument, damaged by Superstorm Sandy, remains closed more than three months after the storm struck, with no estimated re-opening date.

“The Department of Interior has done a terrific job recovering and rebuilding after the storm,” said Schumer. But a timeline would help visitors plan trips to New York City and would provide certainty to businesses that depend on Statue of Liberty tourism.

The storm damage sustained by Liberty Island included the docks, the promenade, and the structures surrounding the statue, as well as damage to the electrical systems, wastewater treatment and security-screening equipment.

About 400 employees were laid off due to the statue’s closure, including those who work at the concessionaire, those who provide security services for the tourist attraction, and those who work for the ferry company that transports visitors to the monument.