Bedouin-Israeli Terrorist Conspiracy Foiled


Two Bedouin-Israeli brothers were apprehended by security forces earlier this month on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks in Israel, police and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced on Sunday, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The brothers, from the Negev, confessed to the conspiracy, contacts with terrorist agents in Gaza and abroad, preparing explosives and trying to build rockets, security forces added.

Two Jewish Israelis, one of them an IDF soldier, are also under arrest on suspicion of providing the suspects with weapons stolen from the IDF. Some of the weapons were later used to make explosives.

One of the brothers allegedly confessed to planning a series of terrorist attacks, including a suicide bomb attack in the Be’er Sheva central bus station, running over civilians at a telecommunications building, and an assault on a passenger train.

He allegedly gathered information on the target areas and made inquiries about acquiring a vehicle to run down victims.

The suspect also confessed to manufacturing pipe bombs following instructions he downloaded from the internet, and to carrying out tests of explosives in open areas, police added.

Some of the bombs were meant for attacks on the Israel Police during future demolitions of illegal Bedouin homes in the Negev, the investigators said.