Rabbi Yitzchak (Itche) Gottesman, z”l


The Jewish community mourns the loss of Rabbi Yitzchak (Itche) Gottesman, z”l, a beloved and greatly respected Gerrer chassid who was niftar on Shabbos at the age of 90 in Eretz Yisrael. Reb Itche is remembered as a successful businessman whose life revolved around Torah study and acts of chessed.

Described as “a great yachsan [and a] tremendous lamdan whose ahavas Yisrael was extraordinary,” Reb Itche was the son of Reb Naftuli Gottesman, scion of a family of prominent Belzer chassidim.

“From young to old, everyone just loved him,” one family member remarked.

“He had a brilliant mind; he was always one step ahead of everyone else,” another relative said.

After his marriage to Glicka, daughter of Harav Avrohom Binyamin Silberberg, zt”l, Rav in Pittsburgh and devoted Gerrer chassid, Reb Itche became a fervent Gerrer chassid himself.

The patriarch of a family of Torah scholars, in addition to his own learning, he helped support dozens of his grandchildren who were learning.

The levayah took place on Motzoei Shabbos; kevurah was on Har Hazeisim.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Glicka Gottesman, and three sons, Rabbi Menachem Gottesman of New York, Rabbi Yosef Shimon Gottesman of London and Rabbi Chaim Gottesman of Eretz Yisrael, as well as five daughters, Mrs. Sarah Baila Blumenthal, Mrs. Hinda Spira, Mrs. Faige Simcha, Mrs. Chanie Gobioff,and Mrs. Goldie Shafran.

A full tribute will appear, b’ezras Hashem, in the weekly edition.