Speaker Quinn Sends Letter To Obama Requesting Him To Free Pollard


On Wednesday, City Council Speaker Christine  Quinn released the text of a letter to President Obama requesting that he commute the sentence of Mr. Pollard to time served and release him from prison, and allowing him to join his family in Israel.”

In addition, Quinn pointed out, Pollard has spent more than 26 years in prison for his crimes he committed, over which he has expressed great remorse. (In fact, Pollard’s 27th year of incarceration began last month.)

“Mr. Pollard has served a longer time in prison than many others who were found guilty of similar activity on behalf of nations that, like Israel, are our allies,” Quinn’s letter to Obama states.

“I know I share similar views of many past and current American elected officials, as well as Israeli leaders. Commuting the sentence of Mr. Pollard would in no way imply doubt of his guilt, but would be viewed as a great act of compassion. The ends of justice have been abundantly served and now is the time for mercy.”

The letter concludes with a request that Obama use his constitutional power to “treat Mr. Pollard the way others have been treated by our nation’s justice system, and commute his sentence.”