Prewar Mikvaos Found Near Vilna’s Great Synagogue

An international team of archaeologists from Israel, Lithuania and America, recently discovered two prewar mikvaos in the city of Vilna, Lithuania. Last year, a study showed evidence of underground spaces…

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Sefer Torah Stolen From Cheder in Lakewood

Police are searching for two men who stole a sefer Torah in Lakewood over Shabbos after thieves broke into Cheder Toras Zev and made off with the entire safe that…

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Living the Parsha

180 New Rabbanim to Pasken on Hilchos Ribbis

In a major event, 180 avreichei kollel were bestowed with heter horaah on hilchos ribbis. The event was held in the Tamir Hall, Yerushalayim, headed by Harav Pinchas Wind, head…

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Extra Financial Help for Avreichim Approved

The Knesset Finance Committee has authorized extra assistance for avereichim and university students of an additional NIS 1,040 per month above the government assistance they already receive. The law approved…

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