WOW, Overheard

I went to the Kosel for Shacharis this morning, not realizing at first that it’s Rosh Chodesh and that’s when the Women of the Wall come to cause mayhem. There were a lot of men surrounding the entrance to the women’s section, screaming and blowing whistles (presumably to disrupt the WOW davening), but I didn’t see anyone get physical. The balagan was very disturbing to the men’s davening, also, but had it been quiet, we probably would have heard the WOW singing, so I think that was a good thing, relatively. It was very hard to daven properly, seeing such bizayon happening in the holiest place in the world (and I’m referring to the WOW wearing tefillin and tallisos and singing, etc. I don’t think the protesters did anything wrong. I had to control myself from running into the ladies’ section and [taking action myself]).

But by far most disturbing to me was when I watched a group of these WOW leave the women’s section after “davening.” I intentionally stood near them because I wanted to hear what they would say. They were all, of course, speaking fluent English (some with an English accent, actually, which I found interesting). They were all teenagers, and met up … in the Kosel [Plaza] and started hugging each other and laughing and screaming, “We did it!” They posed for a picture, and then they were reminiscing about how well they “got us” and how this chareidi screamed this and that one pushed them and how upset everyone else was, etc., etc. — all while laughing hysterically like they just had so much fun. They bragged to each other how “well they did” and then just walked out into the Old City, laughing and giggling and hugging.

It was clear as daylight from overhearing that conversation that the real intentions behind their charade are to fight the chareidim and get media attention (there were as many photographers as WOW) and promote “Reformism” — definitely not to daven.

Hashem yerachem.

Yehuda Schwartz, Yerushalayim