Thank You

Dear Fellow Boro Parkers …

You all know me. I am the cranky lady always complaining about you, your kids, your cell phones, your lack of driving skills (you only know how to work the horn), your lack of basic courtesy, and, especially, crossing in the middle of the block (not at the corners) without looking — and I could go on and on.

Although I cannot take back my opinions of the above, I do believe that I should express my hakaras hatov for all the mitzvos you have done for me b’sever panim yafos.

This past year has not been good for me and I have been experiencing difficulty walking. Countless people — young and old, men and women, chassidish and litvish — have come to help me, unsolicited. They have carried my packages, helped me up the stairs, put packages in my trunk, offered support — and I could go on and on.

Thank you all for your kindness.

A Fellow Boro Parker