A Special Hachnasas Sefer Torah

It’s been two years since Hamodia published the interview with my mother about my two special brothers Shmili & Dudi Halpern and the hachnasas Sefer Torah campaign for them (Inyan Magazine, April 1, 2015, page 32)

Baruch Hashem, the article has brought in much positive feedback as well as donations to the campaign. I would like to inform everyone that, b’chasdei Hashem, we are up to the stage of the big hachnasas sefer Torah. The hachnasas sefer Torah will be taking place this Sunday April 2, and it will be going out from 1450 48th Street to our father’s shul, Bais Hamedresh Bais Shmuel on 1513 41st Street in Boro Park at 5:30, with live music and dancing!

Waiting to see you there,

Halpern Family