Shocked by the Shock

“Anti-Semite.” “Stabbed in the back.” “Unbelievable.” These are the kind of words and phrases we heard and saw in the news and in the Jewish media. But, if we stop and think, what has happened is, unfortunately, quite simple.

In rough words, it’s called “revenge,” and in simple words we can sum it up in five words: “We’re not garbage and irrelevant.” The United States of America is the only real ally Israel has, and the United States showers Israel with large sums of money and military needs, baruch Hashem, and up until now in the United Nations, America protected Israel from such resolutions.

But as we know, our president’s policy over Israel is that he asked that the building over the Green Line should please not be continued, the same way every other major world power asked. Now, there is a way to say no to a real true friend when you have a disagreement. But to literally ignore your friend and not give him some decency, that’s unacceptable — as when Vice President Joe Biden came to Israel to strengthen the ties between the two allies; you don’t go on national media and confirm the building of another few big housing projects over the Green Line. By doing things like this it’s like saying to the United States, “I really don’t care what you have to say and you are irrelevant.” You may disagree, but& this kind of behavior is unexpected and this kind of behavior has continued non-stop.

And then, shockingly, we all watched as Bibi Netanyahu came to Congress with great fanfare, to speak against the Iran deal that the president of America supported. Imagine this: President Obama going to Israel to speak in the Knesset against Bibi Netanyahu’s policies. That’s not a way to behave and especially not to an ally who supports you through thick and thin.

So now the president, just like he got even with Russia, he did the same with Israel, and it’s all to thank Netanyahu for behaving as if the United States and its president don’t exist, so now we are eating the fruit that he produced.

Miriam Tepper, Brooklyn N.Y.