Precious Possessions

This past Motzoei Shabbos, a young man from my shul drove me home as he does almost every week. I live in a totally different direction from his path home. I consider this a great chessed. Maybe in this merit he was saved from causing heart-rending hurt and anguish. You see, a few blocks after he dropped me off, a mother pushing her stroller in front of her came darting out in the middle of the block between two cars. Slamming on the brakes, he nevertheless hit the stroller, causing the child to be flung out. The child was taken to the hospital and later released with no wounds, b’chasdei Hashem. If, chas v’shalom, it had ended differently, this young man would have lived with guilt for the rest of his life. Maybe in the zechus of his chessed he was saved from causing hurt and saved from untold anguish.

Why do we see people with strollers going into the street and the adult is still on the sidewalk or talking on the phone, oblivious to cars and buses approaching? Our children are our most precious possessions!

Yosef Akko, Brooklyn