Never Hidden

Kudos to your newspaper, which is inspirational, informative and, even, funny.

I must take issue with the front page of the Features section, Feb 23. Please, please, please — do not say the “hidden” agenda of Reform. It is in no way hidden. As one who grew up as a Reform Jew, I see the destruction that has been the legacy of that sect. As Rabbi Lau recently said (and was attacked for saying it), 50 years ago there were six million Jews in the U.S. There are still (maybe) six million. The number, considering natural increase, should be many times that. Reform Judaism, from its inception more than 200 years ago, had as their goal that Jews should stop being Jews. They have been tragically successful.

May Hashem, in this month of Adar, turn the negative to positive.

SImcha Abramson