This Day in History

This Day In History 19 Shevat/February 15

In 5109/1349, 700 Jews of Basel, Switzerland, were burned alive in wooden houses especially constructed for that purpose. Hy”d. Yahrtzeiten 5478/1718, Harav Binyamin Zev Shapiro, zt”l, of Prague 5676/1916, Harav…

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Vetting Invitation

I’m going to let you in on an inside secret. I’m a headliner. No, that doesn’t mean I get my name big and in lights. I mean that I also…

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Odd Side

The Odd Side – February 14, 2017

Orange Gator Puzzles Residents HANAHAN, S.C. (AP) – No one seems to know why there’s an orange alligator in a pond near Charleston. Residents joke the gator used too much…

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