Documents Link Jackson Code Crackdown to Eruvin Complaints

Officials in Jackson Township, N.J., have steadily insisted that the recent ordinance effectively banning the construction of eruvin and a sharp uptick in enforcement of a long-ignored law regulating private…

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Nazi-Themed Items for Sale on Amazon

One can purchase just about anything on Amazon: furniture, clothing, electronics … and neo-Nazi toys. Among the millions of items for sale on the online retailing giant’s website are various…

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Kosher Wineries Hit by California Wildfires

Devastating wildfires, which have destroyed thousands of homes and claimed dozens of lives in northern California, continued to rage this week, preventing many from fully assessing the extent of the…

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Woman Critically Injured in Boro Park Fire

A woman was critically injured when a fire erupted early Monday morning at a condominium building located at 1225 49th Street in Boro Park. The blaze, which began in a…

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Yahrtzeit of Chasam Sofer Marked

Motzoei Shabbos and Sunday, 25 Tishrei, marked the 178th yahrtzeit of the Chasam Sofer, zt”l. His tziyun in the city of Pressburg (today Bratislava, capital of Slovakia) was visited by thousands…

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Succos in Palo Alto

A Succah on wheels doing kiruv work in California.

Tefillos Needed for Woman Injured in Las Vegas

Tefillos are needed for a woman who was among the hundreds injured in the shooting attack in Las Vegas Sunday night. Sources tell Hamodia that the woman, who lives in…

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$3.5 Million Renovation of Avenue J Library Unveiled

Renovations to the children’s section of the Midwood Library are set to begin in 2018, after two years of funding was secured by Councilman David Greenfield, the Brooklyn Democrat said…

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